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Help Desk Thursday, August 11, 2022
Help Desk Home » Notebooks » Roadrunner HL1066 (HL9x) Notebook » Blue screen error message when installing Windows XP

2.1. Blue screen error message when installing Windows XP


Blue screen error when installing Windows XP on a Roadrunner HL1066 notebook.


Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) is not supported in Windows XP and there is no option to disable AHCI in the CMOS settings. AHCI is enabled by default.


Update the BIOS firmware to version 1.03 or higher before proceding. Firmware and utilities are available on the Transource Computers web site. Enter the serial number of the notebook to get to the drivers and software page for your notebook.

Download and run the AHCI Utility

1. Download the AHCI Disable Utility file (See attached file). The utility is contained inside the downloaded compressed file.

2. Run the downloaded AHCI Disable Utility file (AHCI_utility.exe) on a computer with a new CD/DVD RW disc inserted in the CD/DVD burner drive. The utility will burn a bootable image to the disc.

3. Insert the bootable AHCI utility disc in the Roadrunner HL1066 notebook. Press F12 during boot and select boot from optical drive to boot to the AHCI utility disc.

4. At the command prompt type the word off and press Enter. This will disable AHCI in the BIOS.

NOTE: Typing the word on at the command prompt turns on AHCI in BIOS.

Install Windows XP

1. Insert your Windows XP CD into the optical drive and reboot the computer. Press F12 during reboot and select boot from optical drive to install Windows XP as normal.

2. After Windows XP installation is finished, continue on installing drivers and applications. Download aditional drivers from the Transource website.


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